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you can trust us to provide expert advice and
guidance throughout the house buying or
remortgaging process.

Expert Mortgage Broker

Bastille have over 15 years experience as mortgage brokers, and recognise no two circumstances are the same. Lenders have different rules and products depending on your stage in life and requirements. We use the same calculators as the bank’s underwriters so can be sure to provide an accurate illustration of your borrowing capabilities, meaning no nasty surprises half way through a house buying process.


Selling and buying simultaneously can be stressful enough as it is – we help many clients move their mortgage and upgrade to the new, larger family home. By securing the mortgage early we can provide certainty to buyers and estate agents that one crucial part of the chain has been agreed.

Self Employed

Many clients come to us having been put off by a negative lending response from their “own bank” – no matter how long the relationship. If you are a sole trader, LLP Member or Ltd company director, or maybe have switched between employment and become self employment, after a successful career as an employee,we can help. Each bank has a different rule about how they treat net profit, taxable profit, retained profit, salary and dividends or trading time. Often Directors may not want to award the maximum dividends so as to minimise a tax bill. We are specialists in placing our clients with the most suitable lender, according to each separate circumstance, allowing you to concentrate on your business and so as not to be penalised for running a tax efficient operation!


A few lenders have enhanced underwriting and mortgage rates for Professional customers, such as Solicitors, accountants, doctors and vets. Some banks like to positively understand how barristers structure drawings from a chambers LLP, or are happy to include locum, employment and private work for a doctor. We are happy to work with such banks and our Professional clients can enjoy the advantages of increased income multiples and lower bank fees in some cases.


Buy to let remains a popular choice of investment in a seemingly low interest rate environment. Buy to let rates have never been lower in relation to the Bank of England base rate, however the September 2017 rule changes from the PRA have meant each lender has a separate stress test, meaning old simple rent calculations quickly became defunct. Bastille are experts in interpreting these rules and can positively use clients income to overcome the much harder stress tests. It is also still possible to arrange such loans, for the right client, where traditional employment is not always necessary. Interest only loans remain most popular for such mortgages.

Interest Only

Bastille believe that interest only mortgages, for the right client, can be a valid mortgage solution. Typically clients need a 25% deposit and banks may require regular payments into ISA’s or pensions, yearly overpayments or a large amount of equity in the subject or other properties. Like all scenarios we are happy to consider interest only mortgages as part of the advice that we give


We arrange mortgages for Expats, in many countries who would like to buy a property in the UK, and maybe rent it out before they return home, whether they be working for Government bodies, Blue Chip companies or in the military.

First Time Buyers

Bastille help many first time buyers take their first step on to the property ladder. Attaining your first mortgage can be daunting, finding the best rates is the easy bit – we believe clients need to be put in the best position to make an offer by arranging a free agreement in principle and putting you in the best position to negotiate with estate agents. Speed and maximising budget can play a vital role in securing that first home, and we believe that we can play a crucial part in that process.



I have worked with Ben at Bastille for a number of years and his knowledge and professionalism has been a huge help to me and my family in buying and refinancing our properties. I have been delighted to recommend Ben to friends and family too and look forward to working with him I the future.

AJ, London
Bafta award winning Sky News Correspondent

Ben has been absolutely instrumental in facilitating numerous mortgages for my husband and myself for various house purchases for us over the years (BTLs and regular), being especially mindful of the complexities that lie around being business owners and the additional paperwork and higher level of diligence and checks required. As such Ben’s attention to detail is exceptional, firstly ensuring that we have been well equipped with the right information on the product(s) at the time, advising on smart choices that will play into our long-term plans, all the way through to finalising the details required for the relevant purchase and/or sale. We have recommended Ben to both friends and family, all of whom have received the same exceptional service we have received.

Mrs KR, St Albans

Ben Humphrey is a very efficient and professional person and a very kind person to work with – he has my highest recommendation.

VM, London


As a guide these are the typical documents required for employed clients. Each bank is different and once a bank is selected we provide our clients with a definitive list.
  • Passport
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old – usually a utility or council tax bill
  • 3 months bank statements showing income and outgoings
  • 3 months payslips
  • Up to 2 years of bonus or commission payslips
  • Up to 2 P60s
  • Proof of deposit – this can be a gift letter if a gift is coming from a family member.
Typical documents required for self- employed clients. Each bank is different and once a bank is selected we will provide our clients with a definitive list.
  • Passport
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old – usually a utility or council tax bill
  • 3 months bank statements showing income and outgoings
  • 3 months payslips
  • Up to 3 years SA302 (also know an tax calculation documents)
  • Up to 3 years Tax Year Overviews
  • Up to 3 years signed trading accounts
Some banks will send out for an accountant’s reference in place of these documents
Proof of deposit – this can be a gift letter if a gift is coming from a family member.


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Bastille Head Office Address:The Clubhouse 50 Grosvenor Hill Mayfair London W1K 3QT United Kingdom

A fee of up to 1% of the mortgage amount may be charged depending on your circumstances, (I.E. £1000 on a £100,000 mortgage), a typical fee is £199 and we also receive commission from the lender.

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